A Mystery of Hate and Healing

The most brutal and disturbing hate crime in recent Topeka history.



About the Book

Detective Ollie DeAngeles is eager to own her first case, but this one will haunt her . . . and the Capital city. As she navigates fear, religious doctrine, and her sexuality, she finds herself trapped by crippling anxiety and controversy.

Meanwhile, on this side of eternity, the murdered victim and Jesus have a conversation in Mount Hope Cemetery that could possibly change the world.

About the Author

KELLIE WOOLF’s debut novel, Mount Hope, takes place in Topeka, Kansas, where she was born and raised. She now lives and serves in Colorado.

While she is serious about her family, faith, and social justice, you can usually find her laughing with friends and exploring nature. Her adventures include raising three children, and adopting two teenagers.

She is currently an advocate and case manager for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in her county, and working on her second novel.


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